The wide range of products – it starts with the HADE Briefschliesser (envelope sealer) who still characterizes our logo. It is more than 70 years now since Heinrich Dornseifer in Berlin developed the twin-roller-system, which could transfer water carefully measured on gummed papers. A construction which should prove itself to be ideal for other operations purposes: moistening of gummed tape and gluing of labels and papers of all kind.

After WW II the production which was founded at the Spree River experienced a new start in Letmathe/Sauerland. International connections have been the basis for a whole range of packaging technology which was completed end of 1950’s by the tape dispensers for water-activated tape. The successful cooperation with Better Packages/USA followed the sole-agency for continental Europe in 1998.

That was the reason why HADE could develop and complete its product range all over the years. But the HADE credo always remained the same: A successful company is based on solid foundations. On solid know-how. And solid products.